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Photography and Philosophy Poster

Nonsite.org is proud to announce “Photography and Philosophy,” a conference in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and sponsored by the Mellon Foundation. The event will take place at LACMA on March 13th and 14th. 

We began to explore the topic of “Photography and Philosophy” in nonsite’s 11th issue. The six essays included in that issue are intended as exchanges around three topics—the autonomy of the photographic image, automatism, and time and meaning—that will be the themes of three panels in a two-day conference at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, March 13 and 14, 2015.

Friday, March 13

1:15-1:30         Introductions from Britt Salvensen and Todd Cronan

1:30-3:00       Presentation: Marnin Young | Josh Ellenbogen

Marnin Young, Photography and the Philosophy of Time
Josh Ellenbogen, Photography and the Invention of Visual Literacy

3-4:30          Presentation: Jennifer Wild | Robert Pippin

Jennifer Wild, The Cinematic Mask
Robert Pippin, Minds in the Dark: Philosophy and Cinematic Technique in the Dardenne Brothers’ Dans l’Obscurité

4:30-5:00       Break

5:30-7:00       Artist Panel: Phil Chang, Thomas Demand , Farrah Karapetian, A.L. Steiner

Saturday, March 14

9:30-11:00       Presentation: Charles Palermo | Walter Benn Michaels

Charles Palermo, Standing A Round
Walter Benn Michaels, I do what happens: Philosophy and/or/of Photography

11:00-12:30      Presentation: Anne Wagner | Kaja Silverman

Anne M. Wagner, Being and Time: Sculpture and Photography, c. 1840
Kaja Silverman, An Ingenious Way of Manipulating the Sun

12:30-2:00    Lunch

2-3:30          Presentation: Todd Cronan | Michael Fried

Todd Cronan, “CONSTRUCTION is the MODERN PHILOSOPHY”: Rodchenko’s Photo-series
Michael Fried, Greenberg with Robert Adams

3:30-4:00     Break

4-5:30          Artist Panel: Walead Beshty, Viktoria Binschtok, Arthur Ou, James Welling

The conference is sponsored by LACMA and by the Mellon Foundation and is organized by nonsite.org.

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