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Issue Print Test

In metadata, set “print-issue” to the issue you want to print and it will put the whole thing into one giant post. The format needs to be finessed to make it print out like a full issue, but it is getting there!

To do:

  1. add the issue description as an option…
  2. Why isn’t the issue poster on page 2 full sized? Maybe I need to use the same kind of code I use for images in the issue?? I CANT GET THIS TO WORK. BUT IT LOOKS OK AS IS.
  3. Fix look of editorial board on p. 2. Two colums? What else goes on that page. Submission info, publication info, etc. Design.
  4. Clean up the old articles and get them ready for print
  5. Make sure the Control-P print functions are stylized the same as the issue print. (Can I just use one style sheet for the whole thing, or will the margins make a difference? Perhaps I can have the Print.CSS change by detecting the browser? It comes close in Chrome. Safari will need some work to match the style. The spacing isn’t exact, and that may affect the placement of images. 
  6. Nor is simply using prince.php as print php sufficient. Some rules need to change. For instance, I can’t to a page break before the title. The page numbers are off. I would need to set some headings in the post (hide them in the screen) but grab them in the css. Etc.
  7. IDEA: create an about the authors page at the end? This would be putting the author metadata into a global array as it runs through each post (fia a filter), then alphabetizing and spitting out the formatted data. Complex, but I think we could do it…

POST UPDATE TO nonsite-responsive-v2.0

  1. The author name isn’t appearing in the pdf headers? Why not?
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