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Four Poems

short message service

we have received your message :: it shall presently be carried by mule train across the isthmus :: our trains are twenty-mule trains :: which we vouch are the longest in this part of the country :: however our mules are only two-bit mules :: though we may try they will learn no more :: the crossing takes six days each way :: then we take a sabbath day in the tall fescues of the shore :: your message is of ordinary length :: so you may be assured of its delivery within the year :: providing we have not so bad a mud season as may depress the mules \\


the one about the hand of fate

we are in cahoots in a mock tavern :: mezzotint walls :: dusty rose light now six million suns distant :: in doubt :: in doubt :: in doubt :: melancholy ostrich feather :: a fine filament or crack in the fourth wall :: double executioner :: ferrous type :: glints that could be faces or longboats :: everyone is waiting :: the air now redshifted quite suddenly :: horizon spooling to black :: the immovable bronze warhorse :: deft flax spinsters prepared the man to be stamped with full faith & credit in whales unseen under the ice \\


what are the things you seek since you leave all the world to find them

now it is near dusk :: my wife in in the yard with the hose :: she sings to the ferns :: down the road a ways :: there is a sign that says :: you do you :: & down a short ways more :: one that says :: sin pays off with death :: we watch a sedge wren rise from the fresh-mown hay field with no art or woe \\


an exoplanet coalesces into phantasms

the unclaimed deserts have bloomed :: we have conserved the artwork of homunculi :: yes to the unfolding maya :: yes to the shifts of zephyrs :: yes to the cosseted lambs :: yes to the grinning girls excused from exhumation this day :: we will attempt to help you catch your soulmate’s eye :: umbra to umbra :: array to array :: an exoplanet coalesces into phantasms :: eternity burning suddenly bright above the sails \\

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