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To Yield a Body

It is a facsimile. It is facial angle:

European woman. It is stomach

simple, similar to a box. It is on

either side of inside. It is grapple.

It is extracted from lignite and peat.

It is worn by women. It is whether

with gloves, a moveable roof.

It is concerned with whalebone.

It is a writing material made of strips

of parachute. It is myth, cat,

machine. It is a cloth conclusion, of

silt formerly. It is this, thin, azure.

It is the plates of the skull for

signaling. It is a scout concerned.

It is the envelope embloomed.

It is cavity, clock, cloth. It is a paper

book. It is plasticized. It is of sea

or not. It is to a petal of another

person. It is as wine of a mixture.

It is when the sum moved.

It is knot, see illus. It is alone

and onerous. It is veins as emissary.

It is a sickle compressed. It is a pair

of ghosted cranes, of silk formerly.

It is dignified, sedate, staid, etc.

It is where repair works gore

(of a skirt). It is to the library

foundered. It is a clumsy patch.

It is when the issue is one not of fact

but of law. It is banish.

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